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DIY studded hat

Monday, March 25, 2013
I saw this cute baseball cap at H&M yesterday but I didn't buy it because I knew I could make my own for way less! So here's what you need:
-Baseball hat
-Super glue
-Studs, rhinestones, whatever type of decorations you want (I used scrapbooking supplies, they are cheap and have flat backs to glue on the hat)

H&M $24.50

Dollar Tree $1

Scrapbook Accessories

Layout Pattern

Glue on Studs and Gems with super glue and let dry. (Make sure to really press them on.)

That's it! You're Finished!

So Instead of spending $25, I spent about $1 for the hat, $1 for the super glue and I already had all the accessories. You could find all the accessories you needed for under $5 at any craft store.