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About Me

  My blog was inspired by street fashions and people watching. I love walking through campus and seeing all the different styles and designs. Being a college student and paying my way through school I have little to spend on anything else, but I think I do pretty well. I thought it could be helpful to post my outfits and DIY projects online for other girls to use as inspiration. So all in all I hope you guys like my blog!

Facts about me:
Name: Carly Marion Bray (where CMB comes from)
-I'm 22
-I am studying Visual Communications (Graphic Design) at Weber State University
- I am right in the middle of 4 siblings (3 sisters 1 brother)
-I have been dating an awesome guy named Tanner for a little over 3 years
-My bf bought my baby dog Charlie for my birthday last yr. Best present ever!
-anything outdoors

Me and Baby Charlie! (I have a million more pics of him but you probably don't want to see them as much as I do.)
Carpe Diem (Seize the Day) Carly Bray 
Me and Tan in VT.
Skiing at Deer Valley