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Mixed Navy Prints

Thursday, March 28, 2013
I'm trying to wear my boots again before its too warm, so I have to make my outfits around my boots. These boots I have a hard time with because they are so tall I feel like my legs look so squaty when I wear them. They look fine with dresses and skirts but jeans are harder. The only solution I found is to wear them with a matching color pant so they don't section off my legs weird.
Beanie: $2 >>Here
Shirt: JCP $4 (was a jumper and I cut it off into a top)
Cardigan: Macy's $5
Jeans: Won them from a fundraiser for $7
Boots: Sears $20 (Stole from sisters closet.)
Outfit Total: $38

I hate to have my beanies sticking up when I want them to sag.
To keep my beanie slouchy instead of poking straight up I safety pin it from the inside!

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