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Spring Break 2013!

Thursday, March 14, 2013
Spring break was last week for me and I was lucky enough to go to my favorite place LAGUNA BEACH! It is so beautiful there. Unfortunately it was a little chilly for most of the days I was there, but it was still a great vacation. So if you ever have the chance to go I would highly recommend it!

Saw a Zebra on the drive to Cali!
Random gas station petting zoo.
Old Lighthouse Laguna Beach CA
Amazing Building in Laguna covered with plants.
1000 steps beach
Cardigan AE bought at DownEast Outfitters $5
Tank store in Canada (I can't remember the name sorry!) 2 for $12
Shorts TJMaxx $15
Sandals Forever Young Shoes 2 for $20
Cave at 1000 steps
Hoodie Stitches $10
Shirt Urban Outfitters $10
Jeans Target (Hand me Down)
Sharks at Sea World
Sweater ebay  $12.
Sunglasses OC fairgrounds swap meet $4.50
Sea World!