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Ok, to be honest I kinda hate this post, but I feel like I have to post it since I
already did the shoot and all the work for it. Idk what do you guys think?
Commenting on my blog sucks sometimes I know, you have to either log
in or select another option from the drop down at the bottom of the page to
I forget when I look though the pictures of our photoshoots that I need to
keep enough to make a full blog post. I edit them down way too much
sometimes, like on todays post. Besides I got a new camera and I was way
too focused on using that than paying attention to the photo shoot. This outfit
is super casual and really just kinda thrown together really quickly.
Hopefully you guys don't unfollow me for admitting that haha.
Sometimes I have to take a break and just throw clothes on. 
Glasses: $14 (free pair to 1st time customers)
Jacket: Thrifted $7 similar Here
Necklace: DIY similar Here
T: JCP $5 similar Here
Jeans: Sears $5 similar Here
Shoes: Target $12

This is my new camera the Nikon J1. I love it!! Its easy to use and takes really good pictures. It even has interchangeable lenses.
These flats were a great purchase! By far my favorite pair of flats and they match with everything.