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Friday, May 24, 2013
I am super excited to be putting up an outfit post. It seems like it has been a while. Honestly  it has been awhile and that's because I never get ready I just hang out and go to the pool everyday haha. Rough, I know.. This outfit is great because rompers are soo easy to wear. They look chic like a dress, but are even better because you don't have to worry about any mishaps. 
I think the sunglasses polish of the whole look. I bought these new sunglasses off ebay. I was a little nervous when I opened them cuz they looked crazy, but after seeing my pics I decided that I love them! What do you guys think yay or nay? What about a giveaway with a similar pair?
haha try to ignore our disgusting balcony.
 I promise it was already like that we didn't make that mess.

During our photo shoot an ambulance came by. It was really loud since our house is
 right next  to the road. Anyways, Char heard the siren and started howling an exact
copy of  the siren sound. Tanner and I started dying laughing.
He is the weirdest dog ever.

Sunnies: Ebay $10 similar
Romper: Sears $can't remember similar
Chambray Top: $10
Shoes: $10