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Favorite Photo Editing Apps

Friday, May 31, 2013
I  just wanted to show you guys some of my favorite photo editing apps. I use these almost daily for the photos I put up on the blog, FB, or instagram. From a graphic design standpoint I have to say these are awesome apps! If you don't already know I'm studying graphic design and I would have to say these are pretty close to the real photo editing programs and are very user friendly. And the best part is that most of these apps are fairly inexpensive or free!  What apps would you guys add? What are your favorites?
My Photo Editing folder.

Make sure to download this app it gives you a list everyday of apps that are  free for the day!
There are often photo editing apps as well as games and random apps.
Love this app! You can create professional looking posters with images and text
 from your phone/Ipad. I also snagged this app off of apps gone free!

Of course this is nothing compared to the actual program, but it has quite a
 bit of tools and effects. I believe this app is free, there is also one that
costs $10 but I'm sure it's well worth the money if you feel like it's useful.

I use this app for adding shapes or drawings over pictures. Plus it's free!!

This app is very well done. Add text over the top of any photo.
There are different fonts and tons of ways to edit whatever you write.

This app provides frames for your photos.
I really like that you are able to edit  the frame color, size and even move the borders.

With this app you are able to add cute overlays to photos, like cute arrows and doodles.
Definitely one to check out for all us girls. I promise you will love it.

I use this app a ton! Easily blend two photos into one! I use this a lot for overlays on photos.