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Lace shorts

Friday, May 10, 2013
New look up on the blog today (outfit and blog). What do you guys think about the change up? I tried to go with a more simple to use layout so it's easier to find everything, at least I hope so... Anyways, this is the second post (after yesterdays) since I've moved. So we went out exploring and walked around a little lake by our house, and this is what I wore..
Tank: JCP (a lot of times if I want a top to fit loose I will buy a too big size this one is XL) $3 similar Here
Necklace:DIY similar Here 
Shorts:TJMaxx $5 similar Here
Purse: NPS $12 similar Here
Shoes: Sears $30

Can you believe these are weeds?!
This is the little lake by our house! It's so pretty