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DIY Floral Crown

Thursday, June 20, 2013
These flower crowns have been popping up everywhere. I think they are so pretty! How are you guys liking this trend? I'm excited to show you guys this DIY. I think it turned out well. They are also pretty simple to make. I wanted to show you guys how. I bought all my supplies from the dollar store. 
Supplies: Wire Clippers, (I would also recommend needle nose pliers, but they aren't necessary) about 5 bundles of flowers, floral tape, and Floral wire.

Start by measuring the wire around your head where you want the crown to fit. Clip the wire about 3 inches longer than your head measurements. You will need 2 wires of the same length. 

Twist the two wires together, but leave space in between the twists so your flowers can fit through.

Once you are finished it should look similar to this. (I twisted it to tightly and had to redo it  a little looser)

Finish by twisting the ends together and pushing them flat.

I would suggest laying out your flowers before starting. Place clipped flowers in between the spaces between the wire. You want to leave a little stem to hold the flowers in place as pictured.

Take your floral tape and begin to tightly wrap around the the wire and flower stems .

Continue adding flowers and taping as you go around.

Once you have all your flowers taped down go over the entire crown again with the tape. This will make sure the flowers stay in place and make the crown look more professional. 

And here is my finished crown!  

You could also make a more simple version by hot gluing flowers to a headband.