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Day 7 Bikini Makeovers

Wednesday, July 31, 2013
Okay on to day 7. Sorry about the super late post guys, I got busy and just now got around to it. This makeover is super simple, but still manages to give you bikini a new feel. So here it is:  (oh and sorry about the blurry pics it was super dark and I was using my phone camera instead of my actual camera)
For this makeover all you need is beads! If you do decide to go with actual beads make sure they have large enough holes for the swimsuit straps to fit through.
I decided to go with these beads, they have metal hooks which means I didn't have to thread beads through.
I used pliers to hook the beads on the loop and clamp them together.
And that's it! Cute little extra beadage for your bikini update. And since I know this was short here's a little more beaded kini inspirations for ya--