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DIY Christmas Pillows!

Thursday, December 12, 2013
These are a great DIY gift for someone on your list, or if you want to keep them for your own decor! They are super simple to make and don't cost a lot for materials!

Okay, so lets get started! You will need: A pillow form, (I got mine at IKEA for about $2ea. or you can also get old pillows from thrift stores and just use the form. Since you will be covering it up there is no need to worry about it being gross :). Scissors, Paper, a pencil, Iron on transfer paper, sewing machine and needle and thread.
Step 1. Create a pattern by laying your pillow on top of material. Make sure its folded in half so you can cut both sides at the same time! I like to use the fold as one edge so I only have to sew 3 sides. Then cut all around the pillow form.
Step 2. If you want an appliqué on you pillow, (if not go to step 5) grab a second fabric and transfer paper. Follow instructions on Iron on paper to adhere to your fabric.
Step 3. Sketch your design and transfer it over to your material, or just begin cutting it out.

Step 4. Take your new shape and zig-zag stitch to the front side of you pillow case (right sides facing up) Make sure to only sew through one layer of material!
Step 5. Sew up 3 sides of your pattern, (2 if you used a fold as one side). Making sure to leave an opening for you pillow to fit through. Flip your material right sides out and stuff pillow into case.
Step 6. Using a needle and thread hand-stitch the opening closed. I like to do this part with a  needle and thread because I can completely hide the seam by folding the edges of material inwards and stitching them together without going through to the exposed edges. Once you have finished stitching that up your pillow is done!! You can also take a fun patterned material and create pillows without appliqués as accents!