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DIY Lace Clutch

Tuesday, February 19, 2013
What you need:
-2 scraps of material (about 10"x12")
-Lace ribbon (25")
-Spray adhesive
-Sewing machine
-Zipper (if wanted,10")

This clutch is really simple, but does require some simple sewing. Cut your two fabric pieces into a 11" by 9" rectangles. Place right sides of the fabric facing each other and sew around 3 edges. (Example in drawing) To make sure your clutch turns out rectangle sew both 9" sides and one 11" side, keep the other 11" side open. Once all the seams are done turn the clutch right side out. The material should now be facing right sides out and the back of the material is inside the clutch. Next turn your ribbon wrong side facing up and cover with spray adhesive. (Spray adhesive can be messy, make sure to cover area with newspaper or go outside.) Once the ribbon is covered place glue side down onto clutch around the bottom edge and wrap all the way around, it should overlap itself slightly. If you aren't comfortable with sewing you can skip the zipper and be done. If you are comfortable go ahead and sew in the zipper at the top of the clutch. Fold the top of the clutch down slightly over to one side to finish! If your clutch starts to flop you can add a poster board cut to size inside your bag to hold the structure.