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DIY Leopard Sneakers

Thursday, February 21, 2013
You will need:
A pair of plain white sneakers.
Tan spray paint
Brown and Black sharpies

I had an old pair of sneakers I bought for around $7 at Rite Aid a couple years ago that needed a facelift. (Similar pair of white sneakers pictured below.) I love everything leopard print and wanted a pair of leopard shoes so I decided to make my own. To start I took tan spray paint and covered both shoes in a coat of paint. I didn't bother taping anything off because I wanted the whole shoe colored. Then let the paint dry completely or the sharpie won't work. Once the paint is dry take your sharpies and all you're going to do to get the pattern is color on random scribbled circles or C shapes. On my shoes I did a larger shape in brown then went back in with the black marker and created a little more detail and shadow with the black. Cover the entire shoe with these shapes until you decide you like the look. If you don't completely believe in your drawing abilities I would print off a leopard pattern that you can use as a guide. Once you've got that all done your shoes are ready to wear! I didn't need to set the marker because it didn't bleed at all on my shoes, but if you are worried about the sharpies bleeding you could cover the shoes with a clear coat of spray paint once you've finished all the drawing. If you have any questions or comments feel free to share!