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DIY Trucker Hat

Wednesday, February 27, 2013
What you need:
Trucker hat (the kind with the foam on the front panel work best)
Black sharpie
Paint Markers (opaque)
Stencil or guide

This hat is actually really simple. Once you decide on a design all you need to do is paint it on. I designed my hat for a contest for Zumiez so that's why if you look closely the teeth of the monster say Zumiez. (I ended up winning $70!) I started by sketching out what design I wanted on my hat. If you aren't comfortable with drawing your own sketch, find an image or a stencil you would like to use. Once you have decided on your hat design sketch or trace the image onto the foamy part of the hat with a pencil. With the outlines made all you have to do is fill in the lines with your paint markers and color as desired. Once the paint was dry I went back over the outlines with a black sharpie to make it look more polished and finish off the design. If you are worried about the marker bleeding you can coat it with a thin layer of clear spray paint, I didn't do this with mine and it hasn't bled at all. And that's it!