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DIY statement necklace

Friday, February 15, 2013
What you need:
Sculpey clay
Chain or ribbon
A long pin (safety pin or sewing needle)
Jump rings
Small pair of pliers

So to start out first you have to make the beads. I made circles and just rolled the clay between my palms. I didn't want all the balls to be the same size but you could keep them all about equal if you wanted. You also could use different shapes as well, I just thought the balls would be the easiest to make. Once you have all your beads shaped (I made 10 total beads, 5 for each layer) take your pin and make holes through each of the beads so that you will be able to string them. Make sure the hole is big enough for the string you plan to use to string your necklace. Then bake the beads as instructed on the clay package in the oven. This will take about 30 mins. The beads will turn out a matte color I left mine that way, if you wanted a shiny finish you could spray them with a clear coat of spray paint or coat them with clear nail polish. Once the beads are done and cooled you can begin to string them. I strung 5 beads each on two separate strings and then attached the two pieces together using jump rings, all you do is open the ring and attach it to the two pieces if chain you want to connect and then re-close the ring. Finally you have to attach a clasp to the back of the necklace using your jump rings. You can pull the jump rings apart with your fingers or use the pliers then slide the ring around the clasp and the chain and push the jump ring back together. Repeat on other side to finish hooking the clasp on the necklace. That's it!