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Confessions of a BROKE Shopaholic

Sunday, March 31, 2013

     So, it was brought to my attention that the prices of my clothes aren't the prices that stores advertise. That's because most everything I buy for super low prices are clearance or sale items, or I have gotten some sort of coupon or discount that lowers the price. Normally these clothes would be more expensive, but I love trying to find the deals.
     As I have said before I am a bargain shopper. I try and find everything I want for the least amount of money. (I have a lot of wants but not a lot of $$$) So I have some tips and ideas to share with you about how I shop. This way of shopping does take a bit more time, but shopping isn't usually about getting in and out as fast as you can for most of us girls. If you follow these tips you will be able to easily build up your wardrobe. Try mixing your higher priced items with deals you have found.
  • Set a budget. Tell yourself I will only spend $20 today. This seems low but if you do it this way it forces you to search for deals. 
  • Look and think about what you're buying, if you think you can find it for a better price..keep looking!
  • Use coupons! Stores like sears have coupons on the receipts for your next purchase. 
  • Don't be afraid to go thrift shopping. Yes you have to dig through a lot of garbage to find the good items, but you will save a lot of money purchasing something pre-owned. (Good way to find cheaper name brand items) Also there is no need to be grossed out by the thrift store. I guarantee no one died in the clothes haha. 
  • Consignment stores are another great way to find brand name pieces for less. These stores re-sell used items but tend to be slightly higher end than a thrift store.
  • Shop at all in one stores like Target, Walmart, Shopko, Kmart. I know we all love Target, you can find the same great stuff at all the other stores as well. These stores are great because they aren't highly sought after for fashionable finds even though they do carry cute things and they will be cheaper than mall stores (most of the time). 
  • When you shop at the mall stores head to the back of the store first. This is where the sale or clearance items are kept in most stores. I like to head to the clearance first before I fall in love with anything. That way I can find cute things that won't break the bank and most of the time I am able to buy multiple items for the price of a non-sale item. (This also applies at stores like TJMaxx and Ross)
  • Shop in the off season. The best time to buy something is after that season ends. For example once summer is over you can find great deals on swim suits, because no one is wanting them anymore.
  • When shopping online make sure to use coupon codes! Or click the sale first if you find something there you will be less tempted to keep looking at higher priced items.
  • Sites like Ebay and Amazon are great to find inexpensive and fashionable items. A lot of sellers on these sites sell directly from the manufacturer which cuts costs. Check for sellers like Allegra K on Amazon and on Ebay search Korean fashion, or choose to browse and change your settings. Here are the changes I make while browsing: Sort- allows you to change setting to show you the least expensive items first. You can also set your own price range so you aren't tempted to spend more than you want. By turning on Free Shipping you can save yourself some expensive shipping costs that you might not notice. 
  • Try looking on sites like YesStyle or Sammydress they usually ship from china but have cute inexpensive clothes! Just make sure to watch shipping prices they can be expensive.
  • Shop everywhere! There are millions of stores out there don't limit yourself to the mall. You can find deals wherever you shop as long as you look. 

    ~Whew! Sorry that was a lot of writing! I just wanted to let you guys know how I shop and if you want how do find similar deals!