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DIY Yoga Top Shorts

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Quick update for old or outdated shorts!

My mom gave me this old pair of running shorts.
 I liked them but they weren't cutting it so I decided to spice them up.

You will need a strip of spandex fabric for this and a pair of shorts you want to alter. To cut the top piece you need to measure it around your waist where you want them to sit, this will be for the length. You want the material to be super tight because the material will stretch. For the height I measured about 18 inches long but this will make the fold over pretty big so even if you cut it 12 inches it will work perfect.

Fold the longest sides of the material in half  

Hem up the folded edge. Make sure shiny side of material faces in! I surged my seams, if you don't have a surger you can use a sewing machine with a zig-zag stitch which will allow the seam to stretch with the fabric.

Fold in half again the other way.

The fold should end up like this

Cut off elastic waist of shorts

Place the material you just sewed inside the shorts. Make sure the jagged edges are at the top

Pin all the way around. (The spandex material should be smaller than the waist of the shorts but  you will stretch it as you sew)

Stitch the spandex and shorts together.

You should turn out with something like this.

Then all you have to do is fold over the top!