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Tennis the Menace

Thursday, April 4, 2013
Lame title I know ^^
     Today was a workout out clothes kind of day. First I babysat then watched my sister in a track meet and then ended the day by practicing tennis. My mom and I decided we wanted to start playing, we haven't played for a while. So yesterday we went to shopko and bought 2 new racquets! ($25 each) We definitely need some practice haha.
     I have basically been living in this outfit since I got it, its soo comfy and cute. I actually didn't pay for the outfit I'm wearing at all. My dad gave me the top and skirt for Easter and my Nikes are from Foot Locker which I got for Christmas! And of course my cute skull and cross bones nail stickers that my mom gave me for Easter! Um... Thank you parents I love my Easter gifts!

And some halls because I'm always sick :(

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