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I feel like a really preppy golfer in this outfit ha. Just cuz of the shorts I guess... I actually really like this outfit even though it's kinda not my typical style. Preppy isn't usually how my outfits end up, but sometimes they do and I usually end up liking them a lot. Anyways... I had a goodbye BBQ with friends today at my house before we all part ways for the summer. Had a great time and I was glad to see everyone before I moved. I'm also very lucky I didn't end up spilling anything on my outfit ha, that's kind of a miracle.
Also some surveying matters to take care of. I had some questions for my readers:
-Should I bring back outfit totals?
-Do you like the hyperlinks to similar items?
-If yes, how am I doing with finding similar items?
-Any other things you want me to know or would like to see?

Sunnies: Swap Meet $4.50 similar Here
Bangles: The Boutique $5 similar Here
Tank: TJMaxx $12 similar Here
Shorts: TJMaxx $3 similar Here
Shoes: Rite Aid $5 similar Here