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Workout Wednesday!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013
  Okay I'm trying something new today. You guys will have to let me know whether or not you like it! I want to make it a weekly Wednesday workout post. I will show you what I'm wearing in my workouts and what I did for my workout. You guys can send me these posts too! Show us your workout gear and tell us your workout. I'm hoping this will make me more motivated to workout daily. So I want to challenge you guys to do it with me! And, when you do send it to me +Carly Bray
Tennis Shoes: Nike
T shirt: Nike
Skirt: TJMaxx similar
Bra: Old Navy

Okay So Here was the Workout: 15 min elliptical (resistance 10), then 3 reps  with 20 sets each: alternating lunges with 10lbs weights, squats, hamstring streches (with 10 lbs weights), one legged squats (with 10 lbs weights)