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OMG! Day 9 of 10 days of bikini makeovers!!

Friday, August 2, 2013
I can't believe it, only one more day of bikini makeovers! How have you guys been liking these posts? Today's makeover is pretty simple but it does change your swimsuit from being so plain. My trusty swimsuit top that I've been using for most of these posts had a little accident in the laundry. I was pretty pissed to find out I accidentally let a pen slide through the washer and dryer with all my clothes :(. Luckily this pretty much hid all the ink spots, so let me show you. 
And copy on the other side using the same steps!
I've seen this tutorial a million times, but only on bottoms. I wanted to show you guys how to add the similar effect to your tops, but if you want matching bottoms here are some examples: