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DIY Stamps!

Monday, September 16, 2013
Its been a while since I have had time to do any DIY posts which happen to be my favorites! This one is a super fun little craft to make and it only costs a quarter to make one stamp! These tutorial is making stamp without a stamp kit. But if you prefer to buy the kit it is a lot easier to do smaller details. 

-X-Acto Knife
-Pencil and Paper (or a printed image)
-Jumbo Eraser
1. First you need to decide on what design you want for your stamp, then sketch or print out the image.
2. Anything that you make as a stamp has to be backwards. So you need to flip your image. (You can use an image that will work both forward and backwards which will make it easier.)
3. I cut my eraser into 4 parts. I first cut it in half and then slit the halves down the middle length wise.

4. Trace your image onto the eraser. Its easiest to use the smooth sides to do this.
5. Using your X-acto knife cut and scrape off anything that you don't want to be stamped on the page. I found it easiest to outline all the shapes and then slice off the eraser working my way in.
Thats it! Now you have a cute little personalized stamp set! Hope you guys have as much fun with this project as I have been! Good Luck!!