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DIY $4 Clock Reface

Friday, March 7, 2014
I found this clock at the thrift store a while back. I really liked the shape but wasn't to crazy about the face. So I came up with a really quick and easy way to recover it and jazz it up a little. So here is what you need: 
Clock (Mine was $3 at DI)
Scrapbook Paper
Rubber Cement
Scissors/X-Acto Blade
I wanted to create a little hierarchy in my background paper so I decided to highlight one of the feathers in gold. This step isn't really necessary, just a little addition if you choose. 
Next step is to take apart you clock. Remember where each piece went so it will be easy to put back together afterwards.
Next you trace the clock face onto your paper, and then cut it out.

Glue paper to clock face, and poke a little hole where the existing one was.
Okay last step is to put everything back together. It should be really
simple and easy to do. Most pieces just snap or screw back on.
That's it! Probably one of the easiest crafts so far! Costs about $4 and
takes only 5 mins!