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Dollar Store Decor

Wednesday, March 19, 2014
I am super excited about this DIY post. I'm pretty much always excited to share my DIY's with you guys, they are definitely my favorite part of my blog. This one was especially exciting because it costs under $10!! and it couldn't be any easier. Plus, it is so bright and colorful and I love how it turned out! So lets get started.

I found all these little items at the Dollar Tree. I grabbed the colored woven balls in the pet supply section. (They are actually cat toys, but really would be the worst/crappiest toys ever. They make perfect decor tho!) I also grabbed a cool shaped jar at the thrift store which was also $1. So the total of this project is $7! AMAZING right?! Anyways this isn't much of a tutorial but I will tell you how I went about making this. Pretty much just open all you little packages and drop them into your container. I wanted the color to be varied so I made sure to segregate everything when I was placing them into my jar. Really that is it! Like i said QUICKEST, CUTEST, CHEAPEST, DIY Decor. Let me know if you try it and how it goes! Or, if you have any awesome craft ideas I should know about!