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DIY Glitter Anchor Art

Monday, July 14, 2014
I felt like we needed to see a DIY today because it seems like its been awhile since I have posted one! DIY posts are probably my favorite to do because they are always to unique. I absolutely love how this piece turned out! Its so cute I wanted to keep it for myself. I made it for my little sister who is going away to college soon. She needed some cute decorations for her dorm room. Anyways you guys  can look and see how cute it looks and why I want to keep it (Even though I already gave it to Linz for her birthday). Here is what you will need: Canvas (I bought mine at Big Lots and it was only $8). Glitter, Elmers Glue, Pencil, Thumb tacks, Acrylic Paint. I unfortunately got super into working and forgot to take pics of the process so you will have to take my word for it. First start out by painting you canvas a base color with acrylic paint and let dry. Take your pencil and sketch out and anchor, then trace lines with elmers glue, I found it easier to go in small sections and cover the area in glue and dump glitter over section by section. This way your glue won't dry out before you have a chance to add glitter. Once you have the glitter anchor finished the final touch is adding the push pins. Its really easy, but kinda hurts your thumbs after awhile. Just push the pins in evenly around the outside edges of your canvas. Then you're done and you have a cute new art piece to hang up on your walls!