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Wedding Photos!

Monday, July 7, 2014
As you guys might have noticed I haven't been blogging for a couple weeks. I would normally apologize because I usually just don't want to get my posts together, but this time I was super busy getting my wedding together! I am not a huge wedding person so I wasn't exactly loving getting everything ready and making all sorts of plans and what not. I really only cared about marrying Tan, and now its over and we are happily married! I definitely needed to go the simple route and so Tan and I got married with just our family and a few close friends. It was beautiful and I was totally overwhelmed and terrified haha! I wanted to share a few pictures from our wedding with you guys. A lot of things had to come together very quickly to pull off our wedding and somehow it worked out perfectly. I had my friends and family take pictures spur of the moment and they turned out beautiful. My mom set up everything from decorations to our little luncheon. My Dad and Tanner did some major yard work early in the morning to make everything look well manicured.

Oh and I need to tell you guys about my dress, and how much I absolutely loved it! I had a very specific idea of what I wanted from a photo I had found online. After many failed attempts at bridal boutiques I posted to Facebook asking who could sew a dress for me. I was so happy when one of my friends Hannah Lloyd offered to make the dress for me. We worked together with fabric choices, measurements, and accents to make sure it would turn out how I wanted. I got the dress right before I had to leave to go to the wedding. I put it on at my house and it fit like a dream! It turned out so great and was everything that I had wanted! Everything turned out amazing and came together beautifully. I felt so much love and happiness, and am so grateful for everything and everyone who supported me and Tanner on our big day (and throughout our relationship). Okay, now we can look at the photos because I'm sure after all this talk that is all you are wanting to see anyways!

Oh and I almost forgot, but I decided to smash
a bunch of stuff in this post. There will be more
to come the rest of the week, because I have other
photos I just got back! But I wanted to show you 
our wedding announcements! I designed them and
had them printed up and then painstakingly wrapped
and addressed each one!

This is probably my favorite photo of them all! ^^