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DIY Home: Bathroom Remodel Under $120

Thursday, June 5, 2014
I am pretty proud of this makeover. I did it completely by myself! Im impressed with myself and happy with how this little guest bath turned out. I also want to give you all a little breakdown of everything I did in the makeover and a list of supplies and costs involved. 
I started by ripping out the slider doors, They were super outdated and old looking. Once those were down I started painting the walls. We painted the entire upstairs a light grey color called Seattle Grey which we bought at Home Depot. Once that was done I focused on painting the vanity. I wanted a mint color and chose one out in the store that didn't look super bright, but once I had it all over the vanity it was a little scary! I figured out how to tone it down with decor and accessories throughout the room. By taking darker pieces like the bath mats, shower curtain and dark towels I was able to take attention away from the mint color and tone it down a little bit. Final makeover step was getting rid of all that wood trim! We found an amazingly easy way to stain all of our trim instead of sanding and painting. We went with a black color stain which you simply paint on let dry and clear coat. After that I was all about decorating! I replaced the hardware on the vanity, put up floating shelves, a curtain rod and shower curtain, hung towels, places decor, and framed in the mirror using trim which I painted black and had my dad cut to exact measurements for me. He helped me glue the trim onto the mirror and then it was finished!
So here is the breakdown on pricing:
Shower Rod: $10 Ross
Shower Curtain + Liner: $14 Ross
New Hardware: $20 Home Depot
Black Stain: $13 per jar (jar lasts forever!) Kwall Paint 
Paint: Grey- Already had for the rest of the house 
          Mint-$20 Home Depot
Bath Mats: $10 each Tuesday Morning
Floating Shelves: $20 Gordmans
Decor: $10 various stores: Gordmans, Dollar Store, + DIY
Mirror Frame (trim): $2 Home Depot
Total: $119!!!