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Just Because... Gift & Idea Guide

Saturday, January 30, 2016

 Today's post is all about the people you love. With Valentine's Day coming up it's easy 
to be swept up in the love and gift giving, but what about every other day? I wanted to 
provide a little gift guide with a list of gifts & ideas that we all can use to show 
someone we love them any day, any time, just because we love them. 

Here are a few killer ideas to show anyone in your life how much you care without 
going overboard. These gifts & ideas are perfect for a "Just Because" gift. 

1. TEXT:
Some of the best things I have received aren't the typical gifts. I love receiving little 
texts that say "Hey, I was just missing you and wanted to let you know." It's so simple 
but makes my whole day. 

It is always so nice to come home and see that your chores that you've been 
putting off are all done! It's easy and free, and will make your loved ones day. 

The best way to someone's heart is through their stomach right? Why not buy 
them their favorite treat next time you stop at the grocery store? Or better yet fix 
them their favorite meal or treat at home & have it ready & waiting to surprise them.

4. DIY
Handmade gifts, even something as simple as a handwritten note, are so 
personal and unique. This shows them that you spent time and thought about 
them while making their gift.

Of course who wouldn't like some fun gifts to show you care? 
Lets get to the gift guide!

Beautiful Flowers are guaranteed to make someone smile!
What's better and easier than a simple online order and your gift can
show up ready to show some love! is a simple & easy
way to send flowers from your local florist all online. Check them out and
send some love "Just Because". You can't go wrong when you spread love!

I want to challenge all of you to try some of these ideas out on your loved ones. 
Send a text to your bestie. Send some flowers to your Mom. Buy your Dad his 
favorite treat. Do a few of your hubby/bf's chores (like you don't already...). 
And don't forget to show your furry BFF some love!