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5 tips to get your home ready for fall

Monday, October 31, 2016
Get your home ready for fall with these tips on how to change up your home decor.

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Tip #1
 My #1 tip would be making your home smell amazing. Fall is the time I run out and buy all the pumpkin smells I can to fill my home. These are a few of my favorite from Bath & Body Works. Every time I use these people always mention how great it smells! I've even gotten "It smells like you've been baking." more than a few times. Run and grab yours before they're gone for the season!

 Tip #2 
Swap out floral for fall foliage or greenery. This little swap makes the inside of your home match what is happening outside. They also add a fall color scheme without changing to much of the rest of your decor.

 Tip #3
Swap out your pillows & throws for a more cozy fabrics & textures. This little swap makes your home look more cozy & makes you want to cuddle up with a cup of hot chocolate.

Tip #4
Fresh made baked good are always a good idea. During fall I always feel like munching on a tasty treat. Make it into a date; it is always fun to bake with someone you love.

Tip #5 
Another fun date/activity in the fall is picking out pumpkins. Styling your front entry with a cute fall vignette is the perfect way to show off your fall spirit. Add these into your decor for easy fall decor throughout the house.