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New Year's Resolution Free Printable

Friday, December 30, 2016
I am excited to share this little freebie with you guys! I made it myself 
and I'm really liking how it turned out! I have never been a huge 
New Year's Resolution person, but this year I decided I had a couple goals 
that I wanted to accomplish and the best way to make sure I actually do them is 
to write down my resolutions to keep me accountable. Someone once told me they 
were super excited to write down their resolutions because then they would actually 
feel the need to work on their goals. So I've decided I'd give it a try this year and 
hopefully it will motivate me to get some things done! I hope it will also motivate 
some of you to print this out or just download it and keep it on your computer, 
phone, or somewhere you'll see it often and help remind you of your goals. 

Let me know if you end up using this and share your resolutions! 
Maybe your resolutions will help motivate others.