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DIY Military vest

Thursday, February 7, 2013
DIY Military Vest
This is really easy to do, takes maybe 10 mins. total! I went to the thrift store in search of military jackets. I found this jacket at the thrift store for about $5. Its an LAL Live A Little Jacket. I found the same jacket on ebay for $8or$9. I really liked the pockets and the collar but I didn't like the fit so I thought i would turn it into a vest so I could contintue to wear it as it warms up. So, to make the vest all you have to do it cut the seams around the arms. I wanted my vest to have clean looking seams, but you could also just cut them off and wash it to make the seams look ragged and grungy. To keep the seams looking nice I unpicked the seams, which if you only unpick where the two pieces of material are seamed you wont have to sew anything and have nice clean edges. Thats it! Super easy and Quick!

This Jacket is a size Medium. I wanted it a little bit bigger for the Military feel.