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My outfit for a movie date to the $3 theater. Went to see Warm Bodies because I missed it in the real theater. It was just ok, nothing amazing.. Anyway, about my outfit... I love this tee shirt. It can be so dressy or casual depending on what I choose to pair it with. This outfit is a little bit more dressed up than my usual leggings and oversized top.

Necklace: DIY Similar Here or make your own it's really easy all you need is the skull bead, which you can find at most craft stores and a chain. I replaced an existing pendant with the skull bead.
T: JCP can't remember.. Similar Here
Belt: Ardene $3 Similar Here
Jeans: (F21) Thifted  $4 Similar Here
Shoes: $30 Sears
Bag: (Roxy) TJMaxx $25 Similar Here

Rings from left to right: Gift, Found, 25 cent machine, middle school bf haha. (we went out for a weekend)