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Neon Pink

Thursday, April 18, 2013
This is my new neon pink hat I just bought at the NPS store. This store is soo random and weird but I love it. I don't even know how to explain it you just have to go there. I got the hat there for $1.40! and I think it was a very wise purchase because it will be seeing a lot of use. I also bought one that is neon green. I fell like it was such a good deal I should have bought them all, but that would be stupid ha. So anyways I went to a concert for The Maine and wore this. I was thinking I would be safe with just a hoodie but it got pretty cold  so I probably should have dressed a little warmer but oh well, I survived. 

Hat: The NPS store $1.40
Hoodie: (Champion) Gift similar Here
Long Sleeve T: Old Navy idk the price similar Here
Jeans: (Flying Monkey) TJMaxx $15
Shoes: (Classified) Head over Heels $10 Here or similar Here
 (I would live in flip flops if  I could. I bought these in both  brown and black)