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DIY stacking rings

Friday, April 19, 2013
Idk about you guys but I am in love with these thin stacking rings. I looked for them all over and couldn't find any that were cheap. I found really cute ones for like $60, but I don't want to spend 60 bucks on something I'm highly likely to lose so I figured out the cheapest way possible to make my own. So here is the tutorial I came up with for these super cute knuckle and regular stacking rings.

You will need:
Needle nose pliers (and wire cutters, if your pliers don't have them)
Old Bobby Pins (or you can buy wire at stores like Home Depot for cheap, but bobby pins were cheap and I figured everyone has them.)
Rings to use as a guide

Bend bobby pin as pictured above

With your pliers bend the straight end into a circle, as pictured. I found it easiest when I would bend little by little until I got a circle. Just make little bends not try to make the circle all at once. Make sure to measure them to your finger or desired ring size as you go.

Once you have all your rings made go ahead and clip off the excess with the wire cutters. The cut edge will be sharp so I took clear nail polish and painted a little glob on each cut end. Once the nail polish dries you can wear your rings without them snagging on anything.

Finished product ^