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Call for Entries!!

Friday, May 17, 2013
     Hey readers I am looking to showcase your outfits up on the blog! I think everyone should enter, people love to see street style and by entering your photos you are giving others a chance to be inspired by your outfits! Plus its really easy I promise! All you need to do is take a quick photoshoot of you in your outfit and send it to me at Please include where you got each item. That's it! You do not need to include prices (unless you want to). And I will do all the work finding the items you wear or similar items. This is so if viewers like a piece and are inspired by your outfits they can create something similar.
     Not only is it good to see new styles, it is also very helpful for me! It's a lot quicker for me to create a post when I already have good media! So please don't be scared guys we really do want to see our reader's style! It doesn't matter what type of outfit you choose it can be anything, spring outfit, summer outfit, dress, shorts, pants, whatever! Thanks so much!