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new sandals

Thursday, May 16, 2013
    This post is super short. But I just wanted to show you guys my new summer sandals I bought. Plus I think I got a pretty great deal! All these sandals are from and as you can probably guess they were $10. I think shipping was around $8 or $9. So I spent about $40 for 3 pairs of sandals. This was the first time I bought from this site but I was pretty impressed. I found the exact pair of one of the sandals on another site for around $30. Anytime I find a deal I'm always happy so needless today I will shop here again! If you haven't heard of this site I would definitely check it out, well worth your time. There are a lot of items that I would say you have to pick through but there is also a ton of cute stuff as well.
     I was kinda pissed when I went to the website today to do this post because I checked out the shoes again and there are new sandals on there that I really want :(, but I already bought mine haha. Maybe you guys will be seeing some new sandals up here pretty soon.