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DIY Heart Stud Sweater

Friday, September 27, 2013
Okay so I saw this awesome hoodie on Ashley Tisdale floating around the internet and was kinda in love. Once I finally tracked down the retailer of the sweatshirt I wasn't so sure I wanted to pay the hefty price for a sweatshirt however cute it may be.. So I thought I would try and replicate it on my own and I think it turned out pretty cool! I had a tutorial for this up on my blog a while ago but somehow all the pics got deleted so here is the new tutorial for the Studded Heart Sweater as seen on Ashley Tisdale. I had a tutorial for this before on my blog, but it got deleted so I am redoing it after a couple requests.
You will need: 
-Studs (about 200) 
*make sure your studs have the spikey backs that you can fold in.
-Sweater or Sweatshirt
-Iron on Interfacing 
-Heart Pattern (provided below)

Iron and Interfacing
Heart Pattern
Step 1. Take your shirt and iron on the interfacing to the inside. It should be right in the center and large enough that your pattern will fit over top.

Step 2. Turn your shirt right side out and lay pattern on top centering the heart with the middle of the shirt.

Step 3. There are 2 ways to stud the shirt. 1. You can simply use the pattern as a reference and lay studs approx. where they appear on the pattern. Making sure to count the stud rows and columns. 2. You can apply the pattern directly to the top of the shirt and poke your studs through the paper, shirt, and interfacing. (Once the shirt is washed the paper pattern should be gone.) (You will probably want to blow up the pattern if you are going to use it as a template rather than a guide.)

Step 4.  Once all your studs have been poked through the layers of material flip the shirt inside out. (If you are having trouble with the studs not staying in place, you can place tape over the tops of the studs and material to loosely hold them.)

Step 5. Now that the shirt is inside out begin pressing in all the pokey flaps. This will take a while.. there are lots of studs! Be patient, and if you find it difficult to press the spikes with your hands find something with a flat edge, like a butter knife, that can be used instead.

Step 6. Once you complete all the studding, you can flip your shirt inside out once more and cut away any extra interfacing.

That's it!! Here is how mine turned out! Hope you guys enjoy the tutorial!! Any questions and comments please feel free. I would love to help if you didn't understand anything.